(from previous albums and performances)


Jeff Powell - Sax

Saxy Ellie - Sax/Vocals

John Mcgowan - Flute

Nathan Anthony - Guitar/Sound

Simon Shearing - Guitar

Ponytron - Synth

Gypsy Jack - Violin

Sheridan Maguire - Synth & Composition

Kieron Maguire - Composition


‘Space ace robot’ (AKA – Spaceman) is a solo act (with special guest musicians) that started in 2003 with Damian Maguire (Vocals/Composition). With first released singles including ‘Hope Star’,’ (Signed to Magic Cloud 2007). The main style being in that of a ‘Experimental Pop’ ideom , influenced by ‘80’s artists’ and ‘Electronic’ music, such as ‘Aphex Twin.

The act ‘Spaceman,’ started as just comedy/solo. Early performances include: Harbour House, Devon and Boscombe Community Fair.  In 2006, the name changed to ‘Space Ace Robot,’ and guest musicians were included on instruments such as Sax and Flute.

Involvement with  multi-media projects includes,  ‘Hyper’ and ‘Night time,’ (animation videos). Previous performances such as ‘Black History Exhibition.’  have included, Blacksnow as backing band, and Magic Cloud, stage production.

This act continued to develop in various different forms with up-to-date sampling techniques, and modal sequences. Special guest musicians included, ‘John Mcgowan, (Flute), Saxy Ellie (Sax), ‘Simon Shearing & Nathan Anthony (Lead Guitar). With styles ranging from ‘Trip Hop/Funk,’ to ‘Psychedelic/Dance’ .  Performances include Dorset Music Awards (2012),  Green Community Fair, Poole (2014).

2015 onwards:

Releases of the amazing singles include, Carry On (Pt 1) and Baby (Remix)  (from EP - SX3 Remix -  2013).  EP - Sun Walk Down In The Imagination (2016) Includes tracks, 'Rainman' and 'All Mixed Up 2' (A crazy Dance mix of modern remixes). Crazy animation videos include Change (2020) and Crazy Sand (2019).  Performances include Live At Troon festival (2017).

Latest Releases:

      - Change (Album - 2017) 

      - SX5 (EP - 2020)

      - Carry On (Video - 2020)

      - Change (Video - 2020)