Space ace robot’ (AKA – Spaceman) is a solo act (with special guest musicians) that started in 2003 with Damian Maguire (Vocals/Composition). With first released singles including ‘Hope Star’,’ (Signed to Magic Cloud 2007). The main style being in that of a ‘Experimental Pop’ ideom , influenced by ‘80’s artists’ and ‘Electronic’ music, such as ‘Aphex Twin.

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CHANGE - ALBUM (2017) - Featuring the amazing new leading singles, Change and Rainman. .Out now on I-Tunes, Spotify and many other album stores


CRAZY SAND (Sci-Fi Animation Video) - Magic Cloud (Productions 2018). Featuring single from Change (Latest Album)




New Release - Album: Change

Out now on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other album stores.

Featuring leading singles - Change

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Single - Released on Amazon, Spotify, Itunes and other album stores.

Featured on new album - Change

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